What to Expect After Submitting Your VA Disability Compensation Claim

Filing a VA Disability Compensation Claim is a significant step toward obtaining deserved benefits. Understanding the subsequent phases of the VA’s review process, the communication you will receive, and the typical timelines involved is crucial. This article outlines what follows after you have submitted your VA Disability Compensation Claim.

The Post-Submission Process

After the VA receives your claim, a series of steps unfold:

  1. Claim Receipt Confirmation: The VA will confirm the receipt of your claim. You may receive this confirmation via mail or through the VA’s eBenefits portal, depending on how you submitted your claim.
  2. Evidence Gathering: The VA may gather additional evidence, if necessary, from relevant healthcare providers, government agencies, or other sources. This process is vital for a comprehensive evaluation of your claim.
  3. Claims Review: Your submitted evidence and any gathered by the VA will be reviewed. This assessment is crucial to determine the validity and extent of your claimed conditions.
  4. Initial Assessment: If the evidence provided is insufficient, the VA may schedule a Compensation & Pension (C&P) exam for you to assess your disabilities.
  5. Claim Decision: Once all evidence is reviewed, the VA will make a decision on your claim. This determination will result in the approval of benefits, a request for more information, or a denial of the claim.

Typical Timelines

The timeline for processing a VA Disability Compensation Claim can vary greatly:

  • Initial Confirmation: Receipt of your claim is typically acknowledged within a month of submission.
  • Evidence Gathering: The time frame for this stage can extend from a few weeks to several months, based on the complexity of the claim and the responsiveness of external entities.
  • Claims Review and Decision: This can take several months, with the entire process from submission to decision often taking up to a year or more.

Communication from the VA

Throughout the process, you will receive updates:

  • Mail Correspondence: The VA will send letters detailing the status of your claim, requests for additional information, and the final decision.
  • Electronic Updates: If you submitted your claim online or have registered for eBenefits, you can track the status of your claim electronically.


Submitting a VA Disability Compensation Claim sets in motion a process aimed at evaluating your entitlement to benefits. While patience is often necessary due to the complexity and length of this process, understanding what to expect can provide reassurance and a sense of preparedness as you await the VA’s decision.