VA Disability Claim Denied?

    Frustrated after a disability claim denial? Did you know that an average of 30% of VA disability claims are denied every year by the Department of Veterans Affairs? That may seem discouraging, but there’s still hope for your claim.

    The VA lawyers at Vetus Legal represent Kansas veterans from every branch of military service in the U.S.—as well as service members’ survivors and dependents. We help them with filing initial claims and appealing denials for the VA disability benefits they are entitled to.

    Disability Claim Eligibility

    The first step in determining why your claim was denied is to ensure you are eligible for VA disability benefits. Veterans must prove they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in a VA disability claim.

    Definition of a Qualifying Veteran

    The VA defines a qualifying veteran as one that meets specific requirements regarding military service period and type of discharge. Service period requirements vary depending on the years in which the veteran served.

    For an individual to be considered a qualifying veteran, their service period must have been either 24 consecutive months or for the entire service period in which they were called to active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty for training.

    Exceptions to the service period requirements include:

    • Veterans who served prior to Sept. 7, 1980
    • Veterans who were discharged due to hardship
    • Veterans who were discharged after a disability that was made worse or caused by their service in active duty

    Dishonorable discharges generally disqualify a veteran from VA disability compensation. “Other than Honorable” discharges may disqualify the veteran from disability benefits. Still, exceptions exist that allow VA to find such veteran’s service to be sufficiently honorable.

    Have a Current Disability

    Of course, an essential requirement for VA disability benefits in Kansas is that the veteran is indeed disabled. It’s a good idea for veterans filing for benefits to think about any and all ailments and health issues they suffer from and make a list of them.

    It helps the veteran during the claims process if they seek medical treatment for the health issues they’re experiencing instead of just “sucking it up.” Being treated for these conditions will create official documentation outside the claim process confirming the health problems they’re experiencing.

    Show the Current Disability is Related to Recognized Service

    A veteran filing a VA disability claim must be able to prove that the disabling condition is connected to their service.

    Veterans should include the following to help the VA verify that the disability resulted from service:

    • A medical nexus letter from a qualified, medically-trained expert
    • Physician documentation
    • Complete medical records
    • Buddy statements from family, friends, or service members explaining their observations of the frequency, severity, and duration of the symptoms they see and when they first observed them
    Kansas VA Lawyers

    What Happens if My VA Disability Claim in Kansas is Denied?

    The most common reason claims are denied is lack of sufficient evidence, followed by failure to meet eligibility criteria. Veterans seeking disability benefits should consult with an experienced VA attorney to ensure their claim is processed correctly and all necessary evidence is presented.

    Appealing Your Denied VA Disability Claim

    If the VA denies your disability claim, it does not mean the fight is over. You have the right to appeal the VA’s decision. It is essential to look at the denial letter and identify why the VA has denied your claim. This information will be important when building your case for a VA appeal.

    The process is more intensive if you need to go with the option that includes a hearing. The help of a VA attorney will go a long way in guiding you through the appeals process and ensuring a favorable outcome.

    Top VA Disability Lawyers in Kansas

    At Vetus Legal, our goal is to advocate for your rights and legal benefits as a veteran of the United States Armed Forces or other recognized Uniformed Services.

    If the VA has denied your compensation claims, we’re here to work for you by addressing claim denials at the following levels:

    We will work with you through every step of this process, starting by reviewing your claim as well as the VA’s decision. We promise to give you an honest assessment of your claims before we move forward with an appeal.

    Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

    VA Claim Lawyers Serving Kansas

    Have you been denied the veterans’ disability benefits you need and are entitled to? You’re not alone during this frustrating time. The disability claims process can be complicated and overwhelming, but the legal team at Vetus Legal will be by your side every step of the way. We will advocate for your rights and help you obtain every VA compensation benefit you deserve for serving this country. Call us today.